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Ludmila Petrova

[Photo of Ludmila Petrova]

7 October 1968

2:21:29 (London, 2006)


07Nov10 ING New York City Marathon 7th 2:29:41
25Apr10 Virgin London Marathon DNF
01Nov09 ING New York City Marathon 2nd 2:29:00
26Apr09 Flora London Marathon 10th 2:27:42
02Nov08 ING New York City Marathon 2nd 2:25:43
13Apr08 Flora London Marathon 5th 2:26:45
22Apr07 Flora London Marathon DNF
22Oct06 The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon 8th 2:27:08
23Apr06 Flora London Marathon 2nd 2:21:29
06Nov05 ING New York City Marathon 6th 2:27:21
17Apr05 Flora London Marathon 5th 2:26:29
22Aug04 Olympic Games Marathon, Athens 8th 2:31:56
18Apr04 Flora London Marathon 2nd 2:26:02
02Nov03 ING New York City Marathon 4th 2:25:00
13Apr03 Flora London Marathon 5th 2:23:14
03Nov02 ING New York City Marathon 8th 2:29:00
14Apr02 Flora London Marathon 3rd 2:22:33
04Nov01 New York City Marathon 6th 2:26:18
16Apr01 Boston Marathon 7th 2:29:23
05Nov00 New York City Marathon 1st 2:25:45
24Oct99 The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon 18th 2:38:12
19Apr99 Boston Marathon 7th 2:29:13
01Nov98 New York City Marathon 4th 2:31:09
21Apr97 Boston Marathon 17th 2:40:52


Lyudmila Petrova has an extensive resumé of marathon results that span nearly two decades.

She first made her mark at Ufa in her native Russia back in 1988 running 2:37:37. However after taking time off to raise her daughters it took her almost 10 full years to achieve a new personal best which she did at the 1998 Moscow Marathon while setting a new course record of 2:30:54. Later that year she placed fourth in the ING New York City Marathon in 2:31:09. Although she broke 2:30 at Boston in 1999 her seventh-place finish was disappointing so she revamped her training regimen and returned to New York in 2000 to claim a fast 2:25:45 and become the first Russian to win the New York City Marathon.

Her success continued in 2001, placing seventh and sixth at Boston and New York respectively, before a third-place finish and a personal best 2:22:33 in the 2002 Flora London Marathon. Another fast time (2:23:14) in London the following year was enough only for fifth. After repeating her fourth-place finish in New York, the London course was again kind to Petrova in 2004 as she finished a strong second.

Petrova continued to perform well in 2004, running a 2:31:56 at the Athens Olympic Marathon to finish eighth. In 2005 she placed fifth at the London Marathon and sixth in New York.

Petrova excelled in London in 2006 to finish second behind Deena Kastor with a national record of 2:21:29. She broke Svetlana Zakharova's former record by two seconds which had been set at The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon in 2002. She also replaced Constantina Tomescu-Dita as the world record-holder for women over the age of 35. In the fall she returned to Chicago for the first time since 1999 and placed eighth in 2:27:08.

After a DNF at London in 2007, Petrova was a solid fifth in 2008, her 2:26:45 the fastest ever for a 39-year-old.

She was to do even better at the ING York City Marathon in November. Her second place 2:25:43 finally surpassed the world best 2:26:51 for women over 40 set by Priscilla Welch at the 1987 London Marathon.


Lyudmila Petrova was born in Karakly, Chuvashiya and currently lives in Novo Cheboksary. She has two teen-age daughters but her husband Sergei was tragically killed in a car crash early in 2005.


23Aug98 Budapest Marathon 9th 2:30:26
17May98 Moscow Marathon 1st 2:30:54
12Oct97 Istanbul Marathon 6th 2:39:26
08Jun97 Enschede Marathon 2nd 2:42:05
01Dec96 Florence Marathon 4th 2:42:10
12May 96 Turin Marathon 8th 2:43:12
05Aug95 Omsk Marathon 8th 2:41:10
22Apr95 Belgrade Marathon 4th 2:48:24