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Yemane Tsegay

[Photo of Yemane Tsegay]

4 April 1985

2:04:48 (Rotterdam, 2012)


26Sep10 real,- Berlin Marathon 4th 2:07:52
22Aug09 IAAF World Championships, Berlin 4th 2:08:42


15Apr12 ABN/AMRO Rotterdam Marathon 1st 2:04:48
27Jan12 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 10th 2:06:29
18Dec11 Taipei Marathon 1st 2:10:24
06Nov11 Seoul Marathon 3rd 2:10:47
08May11 Prague Marathon 8th 2:13:41
27Feb11 Tokyo International Marathon 9th 2:11:49
09May10 Prague Marathon 2nd 2:07:11
07Mar10 Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon 1st 2:09:34
18Oct09 Dong-A Ilbo Marathon 1st 2:08:52
05Apr09 Paris International Marathon 4th 2:06:30
07Dec08 Macau Marathon 1st 2:15:06
26Oct08 Casablanca Marathon 3rd 2:13:29


Yemane Tsegay Adhane made a huge breakthrough at Rotterdam in 2012 winning in 2:04:48. This came less than three months after shaving one second off his PR in Dubai.

Adhane was just another respectable Ethiopian marathoner in 2008. He ran 2:13:29 for third in Casablanca and won Macau in 2:15:06. In the former city he also posted his best time for the half-marathon, 1:02:02.

In 2009 it was a different story. He exploded to a 2:06:30 at Paris in April, a prelude to a superb run at the World Championships in August.

At halfway he was in 12th place, at 30km he was in 8th and by the finish worked all the way up to fourth place. His finish time of 2:08:42 was within 11 seconds of the fastest time ever previously run at the World Championships marathon.

Adhane got into the winner's circle with a victory in Gyeongju, South Korea two months later and then followed with another triumph at Otsu in March.

Returning to Berlin in September 2010 for the citywide circuit, he again place fourth.

Earlier in 2010, he lowered his half-marathon PR with a 1:01:37 finish in Prague.