How it works

The AbbottWMM Wanda VIRTUAL Age Group World Rankings offers participants in virtual marathons hosted by our partner races the chance to earn a position in our dedicated virtual rankings platform.

At the end of the qualifying period, the top ranked runners in each age group of the virtual rankings will be invited to purchase an entry to the AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Championships.

The second virtual rankings season runs from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022 and invites for qualifying runners will be for the 2023 World Championships.

The rankings cover age groups from 40 to 80+ for men and women as follows: 

  • 40-44
  • 45-49
  • 50-54
  • 55-59
  • 60-64
  • 65-69
  • 70-74
  • 75-79
  • 80+

How to earn a ranking

Your single best time achieved at a qualifying virtual event will earn you a ranking position in the Virtual Age Group World Rankings for that qualifying period.

For runners in highly-ranked positions, there will be two steps to verify your virtual time before world championship invitations are awarded (please note, places will not be confirmed until the entry process and payment are complete).

The verification steps are as follows:

1. You must have an in-person marathon performance which is NO SLOWER than 10% of your virtual marathon time. If a performance belonging to you is present in our results hub which meets this standard, this verification step will be completed automatically by our system. If we do not have such a result in our records, you will be requested to submit one via your Runner Portal (in your Virtual Rankings section).

2. You will be requested to submit the link to the GPS activity file generated by your virtual performance which can also be done via your Runner Portal. Our results team will then examine this information.

When both these steps are completed, your virtual time will be verified in our system. Highly-ranked unverified times will not be considered for invitations.

Runners in the Virtual Age Group World Rankings will be ranked on time. To be eligible for World Championship invitations, virtual marathon performances must meet certain criteria which will also be judged during our verification process. See our FAQs for further information.

Ranking FAQs