Click the link below to view a list of our Six Star Finishers. All those who have claimed all stars and earned that incredible Six Star medal will appear here.

Six Star Finishers

What is the Six Star program?

If you have run an AbbottWMM race, you have a star and you are on your Six Star Journey! Runners who complete all six races become Six Star Finishers and receive the much-sought-after Six Star medal. If you have run a Major, register here and claim your star!

What is the total of Six Star Finishers worldwide?

As of August 20 2020, the total is 6,619. If you are one of them but do not appear in our Hall of Fame, register today and claim your stars.

I am a Six Star Finisher, how do I make sure I appear on the list?

Register, create your profile complete with profile image and claim your stars. Once you have claimed all six, your name will appear on this list.

I have claimed five stars, what do I do now?

Once you have a place in your sixth and final AbbottWMM race, email and we will guide you through the process and ensure you receive a medal at the finish.