10 reasons to run New York City

The application window for the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon is open until February 14, so there is still time to make sure you are in with a chance of securing a spot in the largest of all six Abbott World Marathon Majors races.

Whether you need this race to complete your Six Star journey or are contemplating taking the plunge and tackling your first 26.2-mile adventure, the city of New York promises to provide you with a unique and memorable marathon experience from start to finish.

But don’t take our word for it. We asked the community in our Facebook Group to tell us why you should apply, and these are the top 10 reasons they came up with.

1. Rachel Brenke

"This is one of the best and ONLY ways to see and feel the culture and energy from each borough. You can tell when you cross from one to another. You’re completely immersed by the borough residents showcasing their culture just for you."

2. Will Thomas

"Running this race makes you feel like an Olympian, no matter where you are in the pack. Coming along the south edge of Central Park and through Columbus Circle, preparing to aim for the Finish and, WOW, the roar of the crowd just lifted me up and carried me along. I was hurting so bad but never felt so good."

3. Julio Serrant

"It’s an amazing 26.2 miles that covers a multitude of runners, from elites to beginners. The sights, the multicultural rhythms of each borough and neighborhood, from eclectic to conservative, random to staged, New York shuts down and embraces all of its runners, nationalities and countries. From beginning to end it’s a party like no other."

4. Michael D. Rabin

"The New York City Marathon is the world's biggest party and every runner is treated like the guest of honor. Great crowds, great music, great foot tour of the five boroughs. Always the same and always different. There's nothing like it."

5. Andreas Marathoni

"Because it is the most impressive marathon in the most fascinating city on earth, the best sightseeing you can get in a perfectly organized event with a stunning atmosphere and spectators you have never experienced before. And the last miles on Fifth Avenue and in Central Park to the famous finish line.... there is nothing better than this."

6. Jason Rippingale

"Of the 29 marathons I have run, New York City was by far the fact it was EPIC!!! It’s hard to single out one specific moment or part of the race as I loved every second of it! The crowds were immense all the way round."

7. Shelly Stannard Fuerte

"Although I live in Chicago and love that race, New York City is still my favorite experience. As a back-of-the pack runner, I felt the crowds all the way through the race. It was a giant block party and the city was electric!! Finishing in Central Park was very emotional and I tear up every time I get to run there on business. This race will stay with me always."

8. Jared Levine

"The roar of the crowd will lift you up like no other race. The swell of volume coming off the 59th St Bridge into Manhattan will have you floating for blocks before you can feel your feet hitting the pavement again. Glorious and overwhelmingly emotional - even thinking back on it 15 years later."

9. Francesco Presutti

"The New York City Marathon is not just about athletic performance. It’s above all the most amazing celebration of life, friendship and camaraderie. Such is the spirit that pervades the whole city on marathon day. To me there’s no other marathon like it - and I’ll never stop running it as long as I run. Going for #13!"

10. David Salvas

"I have done one hundred marathons all over the world and the USA, and this is in my top three marathons to run. I have done 21 Boston Marathons and the crowds at NYC marathon are far and away the largest I have seen. It was one of the best organized I have run."

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