2007 Flora London Marathon celebrity quotes

32939 Liz McColgan 2:50:38
“It does get a little easier but no much. Half way round the course I thought I was going a little too fast so I slowed down and really enjoyed myself.

"As a fun runner, I appreciate the crowd more than ever. I even see some of the sights I didn’t recognise from when I was running in the elite pack. This is the eighth year I have run for Leukaemia Research and there is no better way than the London Marathon to raise the profile and some money for a great charity.”

32471 Sally Gunnell 3:50:40
“That was absolutely amazing! I’ve never heard my name shouted so much ever in my life. It was an absolutely fabulous experience but don’t ask me to do it again. My medal will sit proudly along with my Olympic medal.”

32893 Evan Davis 4:17:12
“It’s such a difference running with a crowd and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be simply because the crowd and other runners kept me going. I don’t know whether I’ll be back next year but I would like to break four hours and I think I can do that.”

32931 Gordon Ramsay 4:20:11
“The time was worst than last year by about 40 minutes. And it was far too hot but it was a great crowd and a great atmosphere, I’ll definitely be back next year.”

32473 Michelle Dewberry 4:33:20
“You wouldn’t believe how pleased I am. I didn’t stop all the way round. I’m tired but pleasantly tired because I was determined to run the marathon and not stop and start. Hopefully this has also helped WellChild, the charity I was running for. I might well be back next year, who knows?”

32481 Matt Dawson 4:35:39
“I was running with my girlfriend, she was quick and I was stubborn. I have big thanks to Stephen Redgrave, he said not to be proud. I had to walk and run the last half, that is probably not a good sign to ask if I would run again.”

32940 Chris Chittell (Eric Pollard) 4:47:39
“This could be the last marathon I do, the preparation time is taking longer and longer each time I run. Or it could be I’m just getting too old. Every time I ran here I really enjoy myself but knees aren’t what they used to be.”

32918 Mark Bright 4:55:17
“That was my fourth marathon and it was my slowest. And like everybody else it was far too warm. That’s it for me now, maybe I’ll run the half marathon because I was worn after 17 miles.”

32936 Gary Webster 5:00:01
“That wasn’t tough it was REALLY tough. I pride myself on not stopping but it was hard to keep going today. All these people saw my Born Free Foundation T-shirt and hopefully it will help Born Free. I might come back next time but will have to see.”

32901 Giles Vickers-Jones 5:14:05
“It was very warm at the beginning and I got through the race without doing much training as I should have. I’m just pleased to complete the run and get some money for my charity Sparks.”

32896 Kellie Shirley 5:21:15
“That was my first and last marathon. It was brilliant, but the pain was excruciating and it was very sweaty. I got cramps after about 18 miles and if it wasn’t for my trainer running with me I would not have made it.”

32916 Nell McAndrew 5:35:43
“It was like a different race today. I just jogged around and didn’t look for a time and when you do that the atmosphere really gives you a lift. More special than the atmosphere was I got my mum to run with me as well. All I’ve got to do now is to work on the rest of the family.”

33086 Tim Rogers 5:50:03
“Running in costume seemed like a good idea at the time, but by half way I was feeling very weary would the weather so warm. Of all my marathons this was the hardest but it was great fun and an excellent atmosphere.”

32892 Floella Benjamin 5:51:39
“This is the 8th Marathon I’ve done and it gets tougher every year. I’ve promised Barnado’s I will do ten runs for them and I aim to keep that promise. So I will be back next year a little older but not wiser.”