2007 Flora London Marathon elite men quotes

5 Lel, Martin KEN 1st, 2:07:41
"I didn't know I was going to win because the race was very tactical. I had to run with them all the way and the finish was very quick."

20 Goumri, Abderrahim MAR 2nd, 2:07:47
"The race was very tough, not only because the heat but I ran the world cross country and I think that took a lot out of me. I was feeling very good at half way and further into the race I said to myself you have a good chance of winning this. With such a great field I feel honoured to come this high up and I also believe I could have won if I hadn't done the cross country. This race is probably the best one I have ever seen and it was great to run it in London and do well here. Everything was great and hopefully I will be back to win."

1 Limo, Felix KEN 3rd, 2:07:47
"I ran the best I could today. The heat wasn't a worry, it was the rest of the runners who were very very strong. I did my best as I tried to last year but we have a different result."