Elite women quotes: 2007 Flora London Marathon

Zhou Chunxiu
(through interpreter)
"I knew I was in with the chance of winning because my training has gone so well this year. The weather and heat has not affected me as this the type of heat I train in. It was a wonderful race to win as there was such good people to beat. I'm very happy to win in London."

2nd Place Gete Wami (ETH)
(Through the Interpreter)
"That was an OK run. I'm disappointed that I didn't win but I'm happy with the way I ran. I knew everyone was still in the race at half way but it was too much for me at the finish."

6th Yamauchi, Mara (GBR)
"The pace makers were too fast for me, so I dropped to the back, hoping that the others in the second pack would be of help. This wasn't to be so I ended up running on my own. It was hard trying to keep up a steady pace. I didn't have anyone to help out with that like the elite pack did.