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Gaining life by losing weight

When Randeep Singh’s weight started to affect his daily life, he knew it was time for a change.
“I am a total foodie, but my weight was increasing, and it started troubling me,”he says.
“I tried the gym and couldn’t stick with it. Then in 2008, a friend introduced me to road running, and I was hooked. Running became my focus; I found a balance with my food and the weight started to drop.”
The 56-year-old from Gurgaon, India went from 108kg at his heaviest to 72kg today. He has more than 20 marathons to his name and is one Major away from being a Six Star Finisher. Beginning a new health routine hasn’t been easy for Randeep. As the miles increased and his waistline decreased, Randeep started to feel more agile, more confident, and he found a new positivity and self-belief.

Randeep shed more than 30kg thanks to running

But a roadblock was ahead. Seven years into his running, as he was preparing for his first Major, Randeep suffered a heart attack.
“It was probably related to the stress of work, lots of long flights. Because I was quite fit, I didn’t need surgery, just some medicines to dissolve the clot and the doctors told me to get back into running slowly about ten days after it happened.”*
Four months later, he was back at full mileage and looking towards October 2016 when he would finally get to take part in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and get his first star. His Six Star journey continued, earning one a year until COVID-19 halted this run. Undeterred by the forced pause, Randeep made it to Boston earlier this year, and London will complete his set in October.

Randeep before his 2019 Tokyo Marathon.

“I have loved each Major. They are all so different in terms of the whole experience – the expo, the crowd and the after parties. Boston has the most history. I had goosebumps just being there and soaking it all in.
“I can’t begin to explain what it will mean to me to run in London this year. When I had my heart attack and had to put Chicago on hold, I thought my dream was over. But I realized that as runners, we don’t give up. We fight back and fight back I did.”
He has run his fastest marathons in the last two years and feels the benefit of age and experience.
“Running has totally changed my outlook on life. I’ve taken some of my learnings from running into my work. It’s about setting goals and setting a path to achieve them, tweaking when needed and moving towards them in a focused way. You can achieve anything if you set your mind to it.”
As Randeep continues his training for London, he shares his top tips for those hoping to realize a dream of their own someday:
“Start slow, set achievable targets, and enjoy the journey. Don’t be too focused on the result and try to be consistent and focused. The results will then come on their own. If I can do it, anyone can.”

*Always consult a physician and get a full health evaluation prior to marathon training. Even if athletes appear healthy after treatment or surgery, or to have a disorder under control, underlying medical conditions could exist.

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