Marathon Talk Episode 15: Chrissie Wellington & Sam Perkins

NOTE: This episode was recorded before the update provided by the TCS London Marathon on Eilish McColgan's injury situation.

With the drama of Boston Marathon behind us and the not-inconsiderable challenge of London just a few days out, it's a very busy time for us all.

In this week's episode, we get an on-the-ground reaction to Eliud Kipchoge’s surprise loss to Evans Chebet in Boston, hear about Susannah Scaroni's masterclass in both racing and mechanics and this week’s guests Sam Perkins & Chrissie Wellington talk to us about taking on a stunning assisted wheelchair race in London.

In this episode of Marathon Talk

  • 0:00 - Kicking off with Martin & Deena’s latest runs and recovery from Paris
  • 5:30 - A huge roundup of Boston’s standout stories, with Danny Coyle dialing in from the Boston Marathon press conference
  • 29:00 - Sizable predictions for the London Marathon, weighing up debutants against running titans in the star-studded women’s field
  • 36:10 - Training Talk this week touches on how to react when races go wrong, and keeping your mindset steady
  • 42:00 - Interviewing the incredible Sam Perkins and Chrissie Wellington about their team’s run in London, Motor Neurone Disease diagnosis, and the inspiring example they’re setting

Sam’s staggering journey to the finish of the TCS London Marathon is in aid of Stand Against MND, which you can find here.

You can directly support Sam’s race and the incredible cause for which he’s racing on JustGiving here.

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Episode highlights

“Whenever Eliud Kipchoge is running an Abbott World Marathon Major, it's very hard for him not to be the story. But you can't take it away from Evans Chebet, nobody's gone back-to-back in Boston for a long time.” - 8:30 - Danny Coyle 

“The women's race is going to be unbelievable on Sunday. I think you've got the great unknown of Sifan Hassan making their debut, Brigid Kosgei the world record-holder - London is fast and it is world record-capable if the conditions are right. ” - 19:10 - Danny Coyle 

“A lot of runners ask how they should run. Run the way that feels natural because your body defaults to your most efficient, and today was a reminder of that.” -  37:13 - Deena Kastor 

“The way in which you reflect on a race and process what went right or wrong immediately after the race, when you're all emotional and frustrated, that's not the same as when you've had a little bit of time to decompress. Pause and then process later.” - 38:45 - Martin Yelling 

“It's a privilege to be able to perform on the world stage as a professional athlete. But for me that wasn't enough. I want to use what fitness I have left 10 years post-retirement, and the platform that I have, to enable someone else to realize their dreams. ” - 45:20- Chrissie Wellington

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