Marathon Talk Episode 17: Alex Eagle & Victor Macauley

The Running Charity has a positive and powerful purpose, and Victor Macauley encapsulates that purpose more than anyone.

On the latest episode of Marathon Talk we speak with Victor, along with his CEO Alex Eagle, and hear more about the life-changing work for homeless, disadvantaged and marginalized young people that their charity does.

Elsewhere in the episode, we have an update from the recent Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon, there is news of a new 100km World Record, and Martin tells us about a disastrously drenched camping trip.

In this episode of Marathon Talk

  • 0:00 - Kicking off with an update on Martin & Deena’s training, and a disastrously drenched camping trip
  • 9:45 - Rounding up some heartwarming news from the Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon, Aleksandr Sorokin’s new 100km World Record, and the art of the ultra run
  • 19:15 - The Running Charity’s Victor Macauley and Alex Eagle on their first London Marathon, inspiring the next generation, and running’s impact for marginalized communities

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Episode highlights

“As a running parent, I love to see my daughter run. She doesn't love it, but when she's out there when it's her decision, and she's out there doing it, to see that joy on her face, and to see that it's social, really just fills me with joy.” - 7:45 - Deena Kastor 

“It was heartbreaking watching the coverage of Sam after London, talking about not being able to finish. So they went up to Leeds and had another go. This time, Sam's chair didn't break, and they were able to make it all the way.” - 13:30 - Martin Yelling 

“I used to be one of the homeless kids around King’s Cross, and running was always part of the scheme that they encouraged young people to take part in.” - 22:40 - Victor Macauley

“We had a mixture of young people from backgrounds where running is a bit of a pastime. They're very easy to engage in that work and support them through that. It's just supporting them with the other areas of their life. On the flip side, some people have never really run before.” - 28:10 - Alex Eagle 

“When I had others to support me, it made it all easier, and I’m doing the same for young people here. I become a role model to the people I want to encourage.” - 38:20 - Victor Macauley

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