Marathon Talk Episode 24: Alexandria Williams

The Six Star Journey is for all of us, and nobody shouts that louder than an amazing woman who recently earned the Six Star medal for herself - Alexandria Williams.

She joins us in an inspirational episode of Marathon Talk, which sees the return of Martin in the co-hosting seat, a wild World Record set in high heels, and murmurings of Martin’s next race…

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In this episode of Marathon Talk

0:00 - We herald Martin’s return with a look at his and Deena’s contrasting camping escapades, connecting with nature through running, and the Women’s World Cup

10:50 - Rounding up the World Athletics Championships’ dramatic Women’s 10,000m, warming up for this weekend’s race in Budapest, and a new high heeled World Record

25:25 - Alexandria Williams shares the inspirational journey she’s taken to becoming a 6 Star Finisher, and the importance of the running community

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Episode highlights
“We had a bear. We named him Zippy because he zipped around to all the campsites. You could hear that he was coming because people were honking their horns and blowing their air horns. He's totally unfazed.” - 3:20 - Deena Kastor

“It’s easily done; you're exhausted from 10k, on the edge, you're running down the last 50 metres and you can easily get a wobble.” - 13:50 - Martin Yelling 

“When you're in heels, your back is compressed. So imagine running with that for a half marathon. All that jamming and compression - you could rupture a disc. The risk of it just doesn't seem worth having that plaque on your wall.” - 24:55 - Deena Kastor 

“I've achieved something insane, which is the six stars, and if I can do it, every single body - no matter shape, size, height, skin tones, all of that - you can run. Just put one foot in front of the other.” - 44:30 - Alexandria Williams

“One of the biggest impacts that I'm grateful to be a part of currently that's been making change are the Black Unicorn Marathoners. Our work has been going on for some time.” - 45:50 - Alexandria Williams

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