Marathon Talk Episode 26: Keith Turner - The World’s Fastest Blind Half-Marathoner

World records are toppling in the marathon world - stand up and take a bow, Tigist Assefa and Keith Turner.

On this week's Marathon Talk, Martin and Deena discuss Tigist Assefa's phenomenal BMW Berlin Marathon performance, along with news from the men's race, too, as Eliud Kipchoge defends his Berlin crown and claims a win under the Brandenburg for the fifth time!

Elsewhere, we preview the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Can Kelvin Kiptum improve upon his TCSLondon Marathon time from last April?

We also speak to the world's fastest blind half-marathoner, Keith Turner, and his guide, Jim Roberts, and hear more about their experience of long-distance running and how his half-marathon time has set a benchmark for a visually impaired, untethered athlete.

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In this episode of Marathon Talk

0:00 - Catching up on Martin and Deena’s escapades, recent runs, and how they stack up to the recent record-breaking runs

5:00 - One of the most breathtaking weeks in marathon running with Berlin’s record-setting race, and how it sets up a super showdown in Chicago

32:30 - The amazing duo of Keith Turner and Jim Roberts give us the inside track on how they set the new half marathon WR for a blind, untethered runner

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Episode highlights

“Even though this was Kipchoge’s fifth Berlin marathon win, the headlines are all on Tigist Assefa, who ran 2:11:53, two minutes and 11 seconds faster than Bridgid Kosgei’s record and six minutes ahead of the second place.” - 5:15 - Deena Kastor 

“In the last few years, shoe technology has certainly been the single most important thing to have changed running performances at the elite level.” - 13:45 - Martin Yelling 

“There was some talk on the race coverage, that at some points in the later stages of the race Assefa was actually running faster than Kipchoge.” - 24:25 - Deena Kastor 

“You start seeing even with your eyes closed. It's very rare that I see darkness. Even at night, when I go to sleep and close my eyes, I still see the bedroom. It's really weird, but you kind of get used to it.” - 36:25 - Keith Turner

“You become so much more aware of your environment, when you're running with Keith, being aware of small changes like in the camber on the road.” - 42:25 - Jim Roberts

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