Marathon Talk Episode 32: Top 10 moments of the year





As we run towards welcoming in the New Year, join us in this special podcast episode where hosts Martin & Deena reflect upon the Top 10 most exciting Marathon Moments of 2023. 

Count down a remarkable list featuring multiple world records, major championship performances and standout wins. 

This episode includes:

  • Catherine Debrunner’s late-season charge to the Series Title
  • Ernst Van Dyk, a legend of wheelchair racing, bidding farewell to the sport.
  • Hassan’s remarkable marathon year
  • Martin & Deena’s Christmas plans and goals for 2024

Episode keywords

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Episode highlights

“I actually love Christmas running and my husband took the festivities to another level this year. He bought a Santa costume to run with on Christmas morning, which I thought was so awesome. So he'll be a running Santa hopefully in fresh snow. ” - 7:50 - Deena Kastor

“Number 10 was Catherine Debrunner, late season charge to the series title and she just blew it out of the water starting in Berlin where she broke the world record. In fact, we have said this before, all top four pro wheelchair women in that race dipped under the previous world record but Catherine de Brunner was the first across the line. It was such an impressive race.” - 10:41 - Deena Kastor

“And at number five, it's Sifan Hassan, and her remarkable marathon. You may remember back in April in London at the 2023 TCS London Marathon, Sifan stopped to stretch out a sore hip just 12 miles into the race and it looked like the race was about to end in tears but instead turned into such a remarkable race.” - 19:28 - Martin Yelling

“It’s worth noting that in our top 10 list for 2023 that three of those spots are held by wheelchair athletes, which I think is so telling of where we are in the sport right now. ” - 24:07 -  Deena Kastor

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