Marathon Talk Episode 34: Ed Eyestone

Olympic years present a unique set of challenges for every nation's athletes, challenges that can only be overcome with the help of great coaches - coaches like the indomitable Ed Eyestone.

Ed currently coaches the only two athletes entering the US Olympic Marathon Trials who have achieved the Olympic standard time of 2:08:10. In our conversation, he shared his coaching tips for making an Olympic marathon star.

Elsewhere in this week's show, we have a running news round-up, including details of a record-breaking Valencia 10K. We learn more about Evans Chebet's potential hat trick in Boston, and in Training Talk, we focus on tackling life's unavoidable barriers when preparing for a marathon.

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In this episode of Marathon Talk

  • 0:00 - Martin welcomes Deena back to the podcast as we hear how both have inspired their kids to take the running initiative
  • 11:45 - All the latest on Evans Chebet’s potential to join Boston’s 3-in-a-row club, and the 10k world record being obliterated in Valencia
  • 23:15 - Training Talk this week brings relief to those feeling the pressure of unexpected hurdles in your training plan, whether it’s nagging injuries or winter weather
  • 31:10 - Ed Eyestone joins Deena to share his stunning marathon and cross country journey, and the confidence-building tips to elicit an elite performance when it counts

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Episode highlights

“We just have to know what those triggers are for us to enjoy what we're doing a little more, but we should incorporate that into everything, not just our running.” - 10:30 - Deena Kastor 

“It's a time not to panic, it's a time to listen to your body, it's a time to heed any early warning signs, and pay attention to those annoying little niggles that are perhaps coming in. Listen to your body, do less, and don't worry about it, then you'll be able to come back stronger, sooner.” - 27:40 - Martin Yelling

“You don't compete in the marathon as a collegiate, but I've had enough collegiates come through that were 5k and 10k runners who were successful. In many cases, I've been able to continue to be their coach and mentor them as they pursued this wonderful event, the marathon.” - 37:30 - Ed Eyestone

“I think you adapt, you learn and you apply. The main thing though, is to make that switch in your mind that, what used to be fast is now not as fast.” - 50:10 - Ed Eyestone

“By dropping your mileage - I pitch this as a fuel issue - you’re making sure that we can run relatively fast without depleting by mile 20.” - 1:00:30 - Ed Eyestone

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