Marathon Talk Episode 35: Dan & Becky Sharp

The hopes and dreams of athletes aiming for the Olympic marathon in Paris 2024 are rising and falling by the week. This week we have the inside track on all the action from the US Olympic Trials from Deena, who was in attendance in Florida to witness some top-class performances that sent some surprising names to the big dance in France.

Also, in a jam-packed episode, Training Talk has advice on how to put a positive spin as you reflect on the progress of your training, Martin has a simple three-step plan to help you regain control of your motivation during a run and, finally, we hear a heart-wrenching story from this week’s guest & TCS London Marathon hopeful Dan Sharp and his wife, Becky.

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In this episode of Marathon Talk

  • 0:00 - Starting the show with Martin’s parkrun escapades and Deena’s role at the recent US Olympic Trials
  • 7:30 - All the latest from the US Olympic Trials, from a debut performance earning Fiona O’Keefe her spot, and our guest last week Ed Eyestone comes through with his two young charges taking a 1-2 finish in the men’s race
  • 24:45 - Training Talk this week focuses on reflections and progress, with a three-step plan to regain control of your motivation during a run
  • 33:40 - Dan Sharp is our special guest this week, running the TCS London Marathon for Brain Research UK this year; he talks us through the emotional turmoil that’s brought him to this point, and wife Becky Sharp makes a charming appearance on the show, sharing her own goals alongside Dan’s

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Episode highlights

“I was sitting in on the press conferences and meeting with athletes in the hotel to get last minute details of their preparations. I was talking to coaches to hear behind the scenes, promising that nothing would be said that they were telling me until we were live and on air, so I wasn't giving away any secrets!” - 7:45 - Deena Kastor

“You're doing something amazing - training for a marathon - and you can kind of kid yourself, saying ‘Well, I haven't done that. I'm not doing well enough’. So honor that progress that you've made, because it really does help you move on to the next level.” - 27:45 - Martin Yelling 

“Literally 400 metres from our house, Becky was looking to cross the road and unfortunately was then struck by a drunk driver, who was also looking at his phone at the same time. She was catapulted 30 metres down the road.” - 36:35 - Dan Sharp

“Having done a few ultra marathons, I’ve learned that you’ve got to run the mile you’re in.” - 51:10 - Dan Sharp

“I just like to, for my own personal reasons, be able to run a mile by the time I get to watch him in the marathon, because otherwise I'll be just watching everyone doing something that I can't do yet.” - 1:02:25 - Becky Sharp

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