Marathon Talk Episode 41: Cedric King - Award-Winning T64 Marathoner

When you overcome the voice in your head telling you to tap out, that’s where a true champion is made.

Such wise words come from a man whose past does not define his future - double amputee Cedric King is achieving the double this weekend with some huge Boston and London finishes.

His story is pure distilled inspiration; listen this week to learn more, as Martin & Deena also recap the highlights from a blistering Boston race, break down London’s lineup, and bring some post-race focus to Training Talk.

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In this episode of Marathon Talk

  • 0:00 - Martin & Deena touch base on their recent escapades, with some takeaways for those struggling to train through challenging weather
  • 4:50 - In a huge roundup, we recap Boston’s biggest stories from a title defence in the women’s race to domination in the men’s and men’s wheelchair races, plus a look ahead to this weekend’s stacked lineup for the TCS London Marathon
  • 27:00 - Training Talk this week touches on post-race reconciliation - what should you do with your body and your mind immediately after a marathon, and how do you thank your body for what it’s achieved?
  • 31:45 - The remarkable Cedric King joins us to discuss his journey as a double amputee, the battle between talent vs will, and why living in the moment might be the key to distance running success

Episode highlights

“You are your biggest enemy sometimes when you're so dominant. That was almost the case for Marcel Hug - he smashed into the crowd barrier, trying to make a turn going into it too quickly.” - 12:20 - Cedric King

“I think it's really important to reflect on the accomplishment, whether you reached your goal or not, to really acknowledge the fact that you just did something extraordinary. Acknowledge that and thank your body for doing it.” - 28:50 - Cedric King

“The challenging thing that we’re hoping the world body can understand, is that running with two prosthetics and running with one prosthetic is just like the difference between you running with no eyes versus two eyes - it's not even the same sport.” - 33:10 - Cedric King

“It’s not a fight with the course, but with myself. When you beat that voice saying ‘tap out’, that’s a true champion.” - 46:00 - Cedric King

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