Marathon Talk Episode 7: Preparing for Running Success in 2023

You don’t need to have set personal best times this year to find a success story, and it’s those success stories that’ll help drive you to glory in 2023.

The year’s end marks a wonderful time for Martin and Deena to look back over 2022, and help you use your highlights, achievements, struggles and ambitions to plan for a marvelous year ahead!

In this episode of Marathon Talk:

  • 7:30: How Deena reflected on her performances during her most successful seasons
  • 10:45: The questions you should ask yourself to extract the most value from the past year
  • 26:15: Projecting forward and setting your sights on success in 2023
  • 31:20: A very special 6 Questions for a 6 Star Finisher
  • 32:50: Highlighting the staggering number of national records set this year, and wrapping up the running year

Episode highlights

“I’d venture to say that a majority of runners need to do better at recovering on recovery days, taking it easier so that on the harder effort days, they can go at them with a more recovered body and a sharper mindset.” - 6:05 - Deena Kastor

“I like to define a highlight as your success story in running, whatever that looked like. So it doesn't need to be that you ran X time, or did so many miles. Don't get yourself hooked up on the outcome. Instead, think about what's been the story of my success in running in 2022, and the highlights you associate with that?” - 11:20 - Martin Yelling 

“It's important to see how you could just keep achieving more in your life. It could be that you take in the scenes better in a race or do some research ahead of time so you really know what you're passing. You're really experiencing every kilometre of that marathon because you're connected to the boroughs you're running through.” - 22:05 - Deena Kastor

“When you ask yourself what you’d like to do differently and what went wrong, then you ask yourself ‘Why did that happen?’, you need to ask yourself ‘Why?’ at least two more times. It's on the third ‘Why’ that it starts to crystallise in your own mind.” - 24:30 - Martin Yelling

Episode keywords

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