Marathon Talk Episode 9: Gary Laybourne, Age Group World Champion

For anyone needing inspiration to smash a PB this year, the story of the 2022 AbbottWMM Wanda 40-44 Age Group World Champion is one to behold.

The race was only Gary Laybourne’s fourth marathon, and he came home in a stellar 2:21:07 - it’s a privilege to hear from him on this week’s Marathon Talk, as he shares his background in triathlon, and the training that helped him fulfill his potential.

Also in episode 9, it’s time to build patient progress in February if you’re lining up an April race, we cover some record breaking news from two incredible Aussies, and mull over a shocking start to the recent Valencia 10k.

In this episode of Marathon Talk:

  • 0:00 - Cold running essentials, the shocking start to Valencia’s recent 10k, two Australian women’s new records, and much more
  • 17:20 - Training Talk, covering the lead up to a spring race with a look at how your February, March and April should be shaping up and where to focus
  • 25:30 - A conversation with the AWMM Age Group World Champion, Gary Laybourne about his remarkable entry into the marathon scene, charitable work with Coach Core, and specific sessions that help him maximize his potential
  • 48:40 - Rounding up the episode with a look at the new Majors magazine

Episode highlights

“The Valencia 10k saw one of the elite runners fall right on the start line. They disappeared under a stampede of runners behind them.” - 6:25 - Martin Yelling 

“Marathon runner Erchana Murray-Bartlett set a new world record for the most consecutive daily marathons by a woman. It took her five months to run from the north of Australia to the southern edge. That’s 3900 miles, or a marathon every day for 150 days. Wow.” - 10:45 - Deena Kastor 

“In Emily Sisson’s interviews she said, ‘I'm not sure how training is going. I had a little cold, rolled my ankle, but I'm gonna go out there and see where my training is’. She did get the best out of herself, and broke her own American record by 19 seconds.” - 14:30 - Deena Kastor 

“No matter where you are on February 1st, make sure that the next day you're progressing forward. Anytime you're adding volume to get stronger and to be more enduring, you also have to add rest and recovery.” - 19:45 - Deena Kastor 

“January you’re getting into your routine, February you’re making patient progress and getting stronger, March you’re getting specific around learning the long run and mastery in that long run, in order to give you confidence for what lies ahead in April.” - 24:20 - Martin Yelling

“If you've changed one person's life just for a day and had a positive influence, that ripples. They will then go and be positive to other people around them. It's not to be self-serving, but you understand that you're part of something bigger.” - 30:45 - Gary Laybourne

“My first real breakthrough was when I ran 69m at the Kingston Half Marathon to win that one year. A good friend of mine just said, ‘Gaz, at some point it’s going to hit you that all that triathlon training and ability to hurt means you’re better than you think you are’.” - 40:45 - Gary Laybourne

“Every start line of every major race I've ever had, I've always felt more relaxed than I've ever felt in my life. I'm never nervous. At that point, if you've not done some of the races that test those boundaries as to where you are, that's where you might be in a bit of trouble. You need to stand on the start line knowing you’ve done everything possible.” - 43:35 - Gary Laybourne

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