More than 300,000 individuals apply for Tokyo Marathon 2018

General entry application for TOKYO MARATHON 2018, which will be held on February 25, 2018, closed on August 31. Lottery results are scheduled to be notified to applicants by email after September 25, 2017.

As of August 31, 2017, the totalnumber of general entry applicants are as follows:

(Marathon, 10km) 320,794 applicants

  1. Marathon: (26,370 places*) 319,777 applicants
  2. 10km: (400 places*) 1,017 applicants

(*Numbers of places assigned to the general lottery entries exclude the number of priority, charity entry places, etc. below from the total marathon and 10km total entry places (35,500 and 500, respectively).

Other application details for reference:

Priority entry for ONE TOKYO premium members [3,000 places] 27,139 applicants
(**Application period: July 1st 31st [Lottery results have already been notified.])

  • Charity runners [4,000 places (includes 100 active charity runners)]
  • RUN as ONE TOKYO MARATHON (Semi-Elite, general) [2,000 places]

For more details, please go to

The applications for the elite athletes [Marathon: 100, Wheelchair marathon: 30] will open in December.

10km entrants [Junior & Youth: 100] will be coordinated under the educational program of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for the Great East Japan Earthquake affected areas.

Numbers from Tokyo Marathon 2017

  • Marathon : (26,370 places) 321,459 applicants
  • 10 km : (400 places) 1,244 applicants