Notes for Boston Marathon: Family Ties

Great athletic talent in running can sometimes go beyond just an individual athlete and be found in another family member. This year's Boston Marathon lineup offers the intriguing possibility of producing unprecedented family records in marathoning.

Four-time women's winner Catherine Ndereba of Kenya will not be present but her brother Samuel intends to make his marathon debut there. Catherine's former world record of 2:18:47 (Chicago 2001) is her personal best and if Samuel can manage a 2:17:45 or better they will set a new record for a brother/sister twosome. The current best total of 4:36:33 was run by Tanzanians Simon and Banuelia Mrashani (2:11:34 & 2:24:59, respectively).

Defending men's champion Robert K. Cheruiyot is back and his brother Stephen Biwott also plans to run. Last year Cheruiyot won in a PR 2:07:14 while Biwott has run 2:11:16. The all-time brothers' mark of 4:16:28 by Eric and Boaz Kimaiyo (2:07:43 and 2:08:45) is tough, but the same-race best of 4:18:11 by Willy and Wilson Chelal Cheruiyot (2:09:05 and 2:09:06) at Eindhoven in 2003 is an easier target.

There's also a possibility of a new same-race husband-wife record by Mexican couple Odilon Cuahutle and Madai Perez. They ran a total of 4:41:42 at The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon last October with Odilon at 2:18:43 and Madai Perez at 2:22:59. However, Odilon ran a PR of 2:16:44 earlier in 2006 at Los Angeles so the recent mark of 4:38:30 by Ethiopians Asnake Fekadu (2:10:27) and Shitaye Gemechu (2:28:03) at Treviso on March 27 is within reach.

Family Records (Same Race)

Brothers 4:18:11 Willy and Wilson Chelal Cheruiyot 2:09:05 & 2:09:06, Eindhoven '03

Husband/wife 4:38:30 Asnake Fekadu and Shitaye Gemechu 2:10:27 & 2:28:03, Treviso '07

Father/son 4:52:10 Ken and Chris Prior 2:34:20 & 2:17:50, Boston '83

Sisters 4:55:30 Takami and Hiromi Ominami 2:26:58 & 2:28:32, Nagoya '00

Sister/brother 4:57:12 Grete Waitz and Jon Andersen 2:27:14 & 2:29:58, New York '82

Mother/daughter 5:33:25 Annemarie and Olivia Gruner 2:47:33 & 2:45:52, Munich '85

Family Records (PRs)

Brothers 4:16:28 Eric and Boaz Kimaiyo 2:07:43 & 2:08:45

Father/son 4:27:47 Peter Koech and Patrick Chumba 2:18:02 & 2:09:45

Husband/wife 4:33:29 Ken and Lisa Martin 2:09:38 & 2:23:51

Brother/sister 4:36:33 Simon and Banuelia Mrashani 2:11:34 & 2:24:59

Sisters 4:47:09 Hiromi and Takami Ominami 2:23:26 & 2:23:43

Mother/daughter 5:26:24 Annemarie and Olivia Gruner 2:47:33 & 2:38:51

Prepared for the World Marathon Majors by Marty Post