Run strong this winter

As the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad weather, just poor preparation.

The industry makes so many great technical pieces to ensure we can play outside no matter the conditions, and US women's record holder Deena Kastor knows how to get it done in all conditions.

These are her top ten tips to make sure your miles keep going upwhile the temperatures are going down.

  1. Wear water proof or weather proof layers to keep your inner layers dry.
  2. I've tried many technical gloves and found I like cotton gloves the best. For days where it's snowing, I wear a waterproof windbreaker that is one size larger than typical so I can pull the sleeves over my hands too.
  3. It's always the right weather for a baseball cap whether keeping sun off your face or the rain and snow. In colder temps I wear a thick headband over my ears.
  4. Water resistant or finely woven shoes keep feet warm and dry.
  5. Add socks that cover ankles and calves for warmer layer under tights or pants.
  6. I use Shea butter on my face in sub-freezing conditions to protect my skin. And if it's sunny, don't use it and wear a thicker layer of sunscreen!
  7. Protect your eyes from falling snow, biting wind, or snow glare with glasses. I once wore my husband's ski goggles for a fun three-mile run in a storm.
  8. For safety, wear colors that make you stand out, and stay off busy streets where cars can hit ice and lose control.
  9. Speaking of slipping and losing control, have Yak Traks, small crampons or snow shoes in your running arsenal. That way, no amount of snow or ice can stop you from enjoying the beauty of winter running.
  10. If you are driving somewhere to run make sure you have a layer of dry clothes and socks to get into afterwards. And while you're at it pack yourself a snack.