Shobukhova doping ban

World Marathon Majors was disappointed to hear the news that Liliya Shobukhova* has been handed a two year doping ban by the Russian Athletics Federation (VFLA).

It notes that the VFLA has annulled Shobukhova�s results from 9TH October 2009, which includes her results in the London Marathon 2010 and 2011 and Chicago Marathons 2009 - 2012. If this decision is confirmed after any appeal then it would mean that her wins of the 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 World Marathon Major series would also be annulled.

From its inception in 2006, World Marathon Majors has been at the forefront of the fight against doping in athletics. As a part of this, WMM has provided financial support to the International Association of Athletics Federation, to help it ensure Biological Passport testing of all elite competitors. Additionally, WWM has previously agreed that any athlete found guilty of a doping offence will not be invited back to its races.

WMM events were the first major events to confirm that all elite athletes taking part in their events would be blood tested and have consistently called for wider testing by others.

As previously announced, any athlete found guilty of a doping offence will be required to repay any prize or appearance money earned at WMM events including WMM series prize money.

Nick Bitel, General Counsel of WMM said, �"WMM will continue to hold a stern line and supports all measures to ensure the integrity of the athletes competing in their races. Cheats need to understand that they are not welcome in our sport and that they will be caught."

The athlete has a right to appeal the Federation decision. WMM is unable to comment further until that has either expired, or any appeal has been determined.

*The results for Liliya Shobukhova from 9th October 2009 are subject to the outcome of any appeal by the athlete following the doping ban announced by the Russian Athletic Federation on 29th April 2014.