Wheelchair competiton quotes

Wheelchair Men

1st Place David Weir (GBR)

�"6 miles out the race became very tactical no one wanted to go, and so the race slowed down. My build up for the race has not been the best. I have been ill in the past two or three weeks. It's the London Marathon so you have to do the best. Kurt Fearnley beat me in LA recently by around 3 minutes so this time I was determined to get ahead of him. It's all about coming first."

3rd Place Saul Mendoza (MEX)

�"This wasn't hot for me I'm used training in weather like this. I am happy with the results but I feel I was blocked during the race so I will be back next year to try to cross the line first."

2nd Place Kurt Fearnley (AUS)

�"That was possibly one of the toughest races I've ever done. You can talk about the rivalry between England and Australia but you won't get a better race between two guys battling it out.

Full credit to David he just kept attacking and he fully deserves to win."

Wheelchair Women

Shelly Woods 1st

�"I broke away early and I went out hard because I didn't want a sprint finish. My plan was to go for it all the way and it worked. It was pretty close to the course record and I think I can see myself as marathon racer. The London course is fantastic."