With a large number of us around the world staying at home during these unprecedented times, home-based workouts a have become an integral part of staying in shape.

We turned to personal trainer Matt Gagliano from thestrongerrunner.com for some simple moves to help us get the most out of our at-home exercise routine.

Give these 10 moves a go to help keep your strength ticking over.

1. Plank Variations: Once you’ve mastered this exercise move onto variations such as a stability ball plank, stir the pots, or plank crawling.


2. Deadbugs: This one can be challenging when you first do it. But stick to it as it’ll build reciprocal movement patterns between the upper body and lower body…exactly how running is performed. You may need to add lower body support. 


3. Side Planks: These can also include variations but are essential for building strength in the external and internal obliques in order to keep your torso upright during running.


4. Lateral Band Walks: Make sure the lead toe is either inverted or straight as you step out. Bend your knees and make sure you step out a good distance during each step.


5. Monster Band Walks: Walk forward and backward with long strides. Toes should always point forward and bend the knees as you walk.


6. Wide Stance Hip Rotations: Keeping your knees bent, place the band below your knees. Keeping both feet flat on the floor simply rotate your hip on one side by rotating the knee. Other leg and glute remains stabilized.


7. Squat: Nothing beats this classic exercise - and this doesn’t need to be performed with a barbell. This is a staple for any runner's strength routine.


8. Split Squat: Not all my runners start with this in their programs, simply because it’s not an easy movement pattern to establish. But once established it’s a no brainer due to the coordination between different sides of the body.


9. Single Leg Deadlift: Another lower body exercise that should be implemented at some point in your strength training. Moving from the hips and building hip strength is essential for injury prevention.


10. Farmer Carries: Have a set of heavy dumbbells? Or perhaps two water jugs? Simply grab the two heaviest objects you can and walk upright for over a minute. Sounds easy? Think again. This exercise will build the torso strength you need to stay upright during long distances.


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